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Free Online Advice

Free Online Advice is a new feature of the Precision Ball Screw Repair website. To allow for easy access to the information on ball screw problems you are looking for it is posted in question and answer format. All questions are listed on the following pages, they will be added to and updated periodically. Click on the link below the question to access the answer. There are question and answer sessions on Precision Ball Screw Repair's associated websites which are different to those listed here. To access that information click on 'Links For Tech Advice.' If you find this feature useful and informative we would welcome feedback.

We were doing repair work on one of our machines which required the removal of both ball screws. We carefully cleaned them and inspected them for wear and they looked in good shape. But when they were spun in an engine lathe to test for smooth operation, we found them to be bent between 0.004" and 0.006". One is 60" long and the other is 78" long, they are both 1.500" diameter. Can they be straightened or do they need replacing?

The ballscrew in my machine does not seem to be lubricated by the central lubrication system and there is no manual way to get oil into the ball nut. How should I lubricate it and what should I use?

There is a grinding noise when the slide is in rapid feed and it seems to be coming from the ballscrew. I would hate to purchase a new unit only to find it was not causing the noise. What do you suggest?

The ball screw that moves the spindle head on a large vertical machining center locked up last month so we replaced the unit, now the new ball screw has seized up too. The new ballscrew cost over $6000, could it have been a faulty part or is there another problem?

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