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During the late 70's and early 80's there was a tremendous increase in the sale of CNC controlled machine tools and the development of high-tech pharmaceutical and medical equipment. It seemed that whatever the industry, machinery was taking advantage of advances and cost reduction in computer controlled equipment. Although the cost of ever increasingly sophisticated technologies was falling, the cost of replacement parts was on the rise and one of the high ticket items machine owners were faced with replacing was the ball screw assemblies.

At the time, service technicians were becoming increasingly aware of the demand for a refurbished ball screw but it was a relatively new field without the ease of supply of the high quality and odd sized balls necessary to repair a ball screw. At the time, rebuilding ballscrews was not a full time job but eventually the task progressed from a simple re-ball to full blown ball screw reconditioning.

With the advent of the Internet, a whole new market blossomed for ball screw rebuilders, with newcomers beginning to compete for business. It was a blessing for a company like Express Ball Screw Repair
who had years of experience to be forced to fine tune the ball screw rebuilding process, develop new and more cost effective procedures.

Even though reconditioning a ballscrew has progressed technologically in two decades, the task still requires old fashioned skill and craftsmanship to do it well. Express Ball Screw Repair Service
, is helping to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of the ball screw rebuilding still further. 

For more information call:  (423) 559-2153 or 800-711-2153

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Express Ball Screw Repair

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Ringgold, GA. 30736

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