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We removed the table ball screw from one of our machines but didn't take note of how the bearings were assembled in the housing. There are four bearings and some spacers at one end and two bearings on the other end. We know which bearings belong to which end but we can't seem to assemble them so the machine works like it used to. They are all ball bearings but we are told they are a special type that must be assembled correctly. Can you help us out?

The special ball bearings that you refer to are called 'angular contact' bearings. They aren't special but they do need to be assembled correctly to perform as they should. If you look closely at the outer rim of the bearing you will notice that one side is thinner than the other. If you now hold the outer rim of the bearing in one hand with the thin edge toward you and push the inner part of the bearing, you will be thrusting the bearing in the correct direction. If you take two bearings thrusting in opposite directions you now have a double angular contact bearing with thrust in both directions. Repeat this with the other two bearings and you should be all set. Precision sets of angular contact bearings are usually etched on the outer diameter with a 'V' across two or even four bearings. Line up the 'V' and the bearing will thrust correctly. Occasionally spacers are incorporated into the precision bearing sets and should also be marked.

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